Keeping Your Garden in Tip Top Shape With Property Maintenance

While the thought of chores may not always seem so positive, for many people, working in the yar dor garden is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whether you are preparing for a backyard barbeque or just need to do some seasonal cleanup, having a property maintenance plan is a great way to stay on top of your yard work.

Cleaning Debris

First and foremost, when doing your outdoor cleanup, clear up any debris such as leaves, dirt, cobwebs and more that may have gathered on your deck or porch. This can make quick work in appearing cleaner and more presentable. It’s also important to clear up anything piled throughout your yard, especially within flowerbeds and anywhere you want to have any landscaping done.

Aerate Your Soil

After everything has been cleared up, it’s best to make sure your soil is prepared for plants to healthily grow. This part of your property cleanup should be done by a professional in order to get the best results. Aerating the soil is a great way to reinvigorate the lawn and soil with more air. By breaking up the soil, more air is allowed into the ground and helpful, broken up materials can be spread throughout the soil to be food for the plants that will eventually grow there.

Plan Out Your Landscaping

Once your yard cleanup is finished, you can start getting to the details of what you would like to plant in your yard. Working with a professional, you can figure out what type of flowers, shrubbery and more should be planted based on your climate and soil type. If you already have a yard full of trees, shrubs and flowers, now is the time to prune them and cut them back. An overgrown yard greatly detracts from your home’s appearance.

Property maintenance is a big part of homeownership, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Creating a quick to-do list for your yard will help you keep on track and make sure you don’t forget any keys areas. Partner with a professional for helpful landscaping tips, sprinkler and yard maintenance and repairs.