Tick Control

Tick Control For Lawns

Ticks have become an increasing problem to people and animals in the United States. Ticks are obligate blood-feeders that require an animal host to survive, but can remain alive in the turfgrass or trees waiting for an opportunity to attach itself to a host. Because of this, it is important to treat regularly to ensure that your pets, children and family members do not become hosts, and that the infestation does not spread.

Application right tick control product in the right place is necessary to have any chance of gaining control. A Care of Lawns technician can assess a home and yard to identify sources and harborage areas as well as areas conducive to flea and tick infestations, and then design a comprehensive treatment program.

Then a trained specialist with a variety of products performs an initial treatment for fleas and ticks. Applications are tailored to each structure and yard based on infestation level, host availability and environmental conditions.

A customized maintenance program performed by a trained specialist allows preventative products to be applied in applications in specific areas outside the home to reduce flea and tick populations.

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